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Magic in the World

Every day should be filled with magic! That is philosophical core of Magic in the World. We firmly believe that beauty, magic, and the mystical deserves to be brought to everyone that seeks it. It is our life’s work to act as clergy, oracle, teacher and healer for our local community and the world community at large.

Services can be provided via phone, webchat, or in-person house calls. Contact Magic in the World to schedule:

Tarot readings
Illuminating current situations and possible directions,
partnership compatibility, full life path analysis and more.

Astrological chart analysis
Natal chart analysis,
Saturn return analysis,
partnership compatibility, etc.

Healing sessions,
atunements for levels I, II & III.

Writing and performing rituals
cleansing ceremonies,
baby Paganings,
handfasting and marriage ceremonies,
house cleansing, demon banishing and more.

One on one teaching on spellcasting,
ritual creation, writing, tarot, astrology, etc.

Small to large group workshops,
The Power of Sound Magick and Vocal Vibration,
World Mythology (any region),
Practical Magick.

Love spells, luck spells,
protection spells, and more!

Contact Magic in the World today to schedule your appointment!
If you are interested in becoming a Magic in the World Student, please email holly@magicintheworld.com