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Massage therapy is an ancient art of hands on healing practiced in every culture in some form. Roman centurions would return from war to oiled massages to help heal their bodies. Blind Chinese healers were chosen for their special awareness of touch, and revered for their massage intuition. Natives of the American Southwest heated stones to place on the body to aid in healing.

Let us continue the tradition together.

Massage appointments are personally tailored by Matthew to fit your needs and your body. Below are some examples of various styles to customize your experience.


Styles of Massage

Sports: Fast-paced, this massage uses compressions and stretches to get you ready for your event. Great if you are prone to cramping or tightness as part of your physical activities.

Deep tissue: Blending myofascial and neuromuscular techniques, this massage sinks deep into muscular structures to alleviate chronic pain and tightness. Posture can be improved and scar tissue relieved over time.

Aromatherapy: Unleash the healing power of essential oils to maximize your massage experience. Scents target the limbic system of the brain, allowing for deeper relaxation and profound peace. The complex organic compounds of many oils also promote health through antimicrobial interactions.

Four-hand: Experience the ultimate massage. Two trained practitioners work in tandem to manipulate your body to relaxed and rejuvenated ease.

Hot Stone: Heated stones glide across tight muscles to deeply warm and relax. This massage uses heat instead of pressure to melt away stress and aches. Excellent for dry skin or those who do not tolerate deep pressure.

Myofascial: This set of techniques targets the fascial wrapping of muscles and joints. An excellent complement to stretching and neuromuscular work. Myofascial work on its own is slow, subtle, and powerful.

Neuromuscular: This style targets neuromuscular trigger points, tiny strands of stuck flexion deep within the muscle body. Often painful, this technique is profoundly effective for chronic held tension and postural issues.

Lomi Lomi: Slippery and holistic, this traditional Hawaiian massage style is an inspiration that integrates and soothes the entire body. Long strokes begin at the feet and end at the neck, if they end at all! This massage is reminiscent of the wave motion of the ocean. Minimal draping is provided.

Reiki: Powerful and subtle energy flows from the universe into the practitioner and then into you. Revitalizing and balancing, this energy flow can be added to any massage session with ease. See our Reiki page for more details.

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