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Experience the healing power of Reiki

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Reiki is a hands on healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation. Life force energy, Chi, or Ki, flows through you and causes you to be alive. If your life force energy is out of balance, then you are more likely to get sick or feel stress. If your life force energy is in balance, you are more capable of being happy and healthy.

Our Reiki Masters at Magic in the World have been working with the Reiki energy for over ten years. They have had hundreds of successful sessions with people and pets to help bring their energy in balance and promote healing. They have trained many other Reiki masters and taught multiple workshops on Reiki healing and would love to work with you in a one-on-one Reiki healing session.

Reiki is the most natural and easy service to receive. After talking about what you want in your session, you sit or lay down with your clothing on. The healer will scan your body with my energy to see where you need the most help. Then they will gently place my hands on the area that needs the Reiki. Sessions can also include crystals, aromatherapy, sound therapy and light therapy at your request. 

Distance Reiki can be provided over the phone or through video webchat service. In person Reiki can be provided at a place of your choosing or at our space in Hollywood.

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