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Tarot Readings

Magic in the World practitioners work exclusively with the Thoth deck created by Lady Frida Harris under the instruction of Aleister Crowley. The complex tarot cards trigger intense vision and clairvoyance.

Vixen's personal relationship with the deck began over twelve years ago. She trained with a master Tarotmancer for two years. The potency of each tarot card is imprinted on her mind and heart. As a natural Seer, Vixen opens herself up as a channel for the divine. She has been offering readings professionally for over ten years.

Eric studied with various Seers and aficionados of the Thoth tarot deck. His love and understanding of the deck runs deep. Eric has been offering readings for friends and family for the last ten years and is now ready to offer professional tarot readings.

About Thoth

Thoth is the Egyptian god of Truth. He has the head of an Ibis and is said to have brought humans language and writing. He also appears in the form of a Baboon, representing animal instinct, deeper and rawer truth.

When working with the cards, both Vixen and Eric open their energy to the power of Thoth and invoke the pure, shining power of the truth god. Like the high priests of ancient Egypt, they envision the Baboon Thoth form wrapping around their head and filling their minds. When they speak, they are a channel for Thoth and pure Truth.

Pricing for Tarot Readings

Please note: Under special circumstances, additional cards may be pulled by the practitioner for clarification. If at any point you are feeling fatigued or emotionally overwhelmed by your tarot card reading, please tell your practitioner immediately. Both Vixen and Eric are trained energy workers and can walk you through centering and grounding techniques.

Single Card Reading - $20
You have a question? The cards have an answer.
A Single Card reading is a great introduction to Thoth tarot and divination in general.
Available by: phone, internet video chat service (worldwide)

Triangle Reading - $60
Who are you right now? What should you be focusing on? What should you be letting go of?
The Triangle tarot reading gets right to the point. 
This reading illuminates the practical steps that you should be taking to accomplish your goals.
Available by: phone, internet video chat service
(worldwide), in person meeting (greater Los Angeles area only)

Spiral Reading (6 card+) - $100
Adrift in the sea of life? Unable to make decisions or move forward?
The spiral tarot reading helps to identify the path that will shift you out of your current situation and set you on a new course.
This is the gold standard in tarot readings that everyone should try at least once.
Available by: phone, internet video chat service
(worldwide), in person meeting (greater Los Angeles area only)

Compatibility Reading - $120
Want to know if he or she is the right one?
The Compatibility tarot reading will identify the elements of your relationship that will draw you together and the elements that will pull you apart.
Go into your new relationship with your eyes open.
Nobody is perfect, but someone out there is perfect for you!
Available by: phone, internet video chat service
(worldwide), in person meeting (greater Los Angeles area only)

Tree of Life Reading - $400
Why are you here on Earth in this lifetime? How does your past lives affect your present situation?
What is your soul's divine purpose in the cosmic makeup? What is your highest and best use in the world?
How can you be your most successful and best self?
The Tree of Life reading dives into the stuff that we are made of.
You will be shown a mirror of your higher self. You will be given specific instructions on what goals you should be accomplishing and how you should get there. 
Take charge of your destiny. Maximize your potential. The tarot cards are waiting to guide you in this full life path analysis.
Available by: internet video chat service
(worldwide), in person meeting (greater Los Angeles area only)

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